Fundraising For Scouts

Although Scouts is a very affordable activity, we offer several fundraising opportunities to help offset the costs. 

Your Scout Account

Every Scout has an account with the Troop which keeps track of fundraising, payments, as well as expenses. When your Scout participates in a fundraising event, the portion of the fundraiser that is attributed to your Scout will be added to your Scout's account. Additionally, some fundraising opportunities are earned over time and are added to your Scout's account on a regular basis.

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Troop 220 is officially registered with RaiseRight. This is a rebate program based on using gift cards for the household items that you would normally purchase every month for your family; including groceries, gas, restaurants, entertainment, shopping, including Amazon and Walmart. There are over 750 brands to choose from, making it a great fit for every household need or wish list. Gift cards from RaiseRight have no activation fees and they never expire. Most of the gift cards are eCards which can be purchased from your mobile device while you are in the check-out lane and used immediately (instead of using your debit card at the store). 

For example, if you are purchasing groceries at Walmart and you expect to spend roughly $100, rather than paying Walmart with your debit card, you can purchase a $100 eGift card and use it as a gift card to pay for your items. You will earn a rebate for the gift card at no additional cost to you. The monies to pay for the gift card are withdrawn from your bank account.

On average, Troop 220 families are earning an average of $50/month. Other family members such as aunts, uncles, and grandparents can also join the plan and can help generate additional dollars for your Scout. 

Please see Nia Miller to set up your RaiseRight account.

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Parking Lot Fundraiser

Twice a year, the Scouts can earn money by staffing parking lots for Downtown Days and Oktoberfest, held in downtown Lee's Summit. Funds are generated based on the number of hours worked by each Scout out of the total amount collected. 

Any hours worked by an adult family member during the fundraiser will be applied to the youth Scout account. Sign-ups are generally announced four weeks in advance and monies earned are generally reported within 10 days after the completion of the event.

Other Opportunities

As additional opportunities arise, they are announced during Scout meetings. 

Chili Dinner

Every January our Troop holds a Chili Dinner during the Pack's Pinewood Derby. This fundraiser is designed specifically to generate funds for Troop equipment. Each Scout is expected to serve at least one shift during this event.

How do you get accounts set up for additional family members?

If you are interested in having additional family members participate, please contact Nia Miller and she will provide a sign-up code for the Scout. When using that code to create your account, the family member will be asked for your Scout's name and when it is entered, we will apply those funds to your Scout's account.

The amount I see earned in my RaiseRight account does not match the amount listed in my Scout's account. Why is there a difference?

While the app shows how much you have earned over previous periods, the Troop is only paid once a month by RaiseRight. Once they are received, they are available to be used and are applied to your Scout's account.

Where can monies be applied from my Scout account?

Scout Account earnings can be used for the following:

  • Recharter fees
  • Order of the Arrow dues
  • Summer Camp
  • Grubby money
  • High Adventure
  • Campout activity fees