The Importance of Leadership

A core value of the BSA Scouts is to see young men grow into strong leaders in their troops and in their communities. Scouting is about more than just going on campouts; it is about the journey of advancement through your troop and the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with it. Scouts can experience this through hard work towards earning merit badges, applying for a leadership role in their troop and rising through the ranks to become an Eagle Scout. While becoming leaders in their scout troops, young men learn to become leaders in their personal lives while developing a strong moral and work ethic along the way.

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Featured Merit Badges


Camping is one of the greatest traditions in Scouting. The Camping merit badge is one of 14 Eagle-required merit badges. Scouts will learn a critical set of skills needed to experience great campouts including; planning, minimizing impact, navigation, proper clothing, tent use, sanitation, fire-building, and cooking.


The Fishing merit badge teaches Scouts to safely catch, clean, and cook fish. Scouts will learn about a variety of fish and fishing equipment, the knots used in fishing, and a variety of fishing baits.

personal management merit badge

Personal Management

Scouts learn so much more than outdoor skills in Scouting. The Personal Management merit badge teaches scouts about managing their money and time. It also helps them to develop the necessary skills for achieving their career and life goals.

How to Earn Merit Badges

Merit badges are a core part of the scouting experience. There are more than 130 different merit badges that Scouts can choose from while working with their merit badge counselor. Earning merit badges requires determination and creative thinking. Scouts gain real skills and knowledge while going through the requirements of each badge. Merit Badges cover a very wide variety of topics from survival skills and nature all the way to business and sports.

Serving Our Communities

BSA Scouts believes that active community service is vital in becoming a modern-day leader. Learning how to serve others and to help better your community results in a better overall leader and citizen. Community Service is also required for a scout to advance to the next rank. We regularly take on local projects as well as participate in fundraising events for good causes. Families are encouraged to get involved and join these outings with their scouts.

Become an Eagle Scout

Completing the rank of Eagle Scout is one of the highest honors that a Scout can earn during their experience. It is not an easy task, but with determination, the right attitude, and the support of troop counselors and parents, it can be achieved. Becoming an Eagle Scout is not just about completing the merit badges and requirements, however. There are so many other benefits! Being an Eagle Scout helps to build your resume, opens doors in school and future jobs, and teaches you valuable skills along the way, such as time management and planning.

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