Once a Scout obtains the Rank of Life Scout, the “Trail to Eagle” begins. To assist you in the advancement process, you’ll find links to official Boy Scouts of America forms, Troop 220 checklist, and contact information on this page.

You are not expected to, nor is it advised to attempt to complete the Life to Eagle Scout journey alone. We have several leaders that will assist you in this process. If you have questions, do not hesitate to visit with an Eagle Scout Coach at the Scout Meetings.

Helpful Eagle Scout Links

Eagle Rank Requirements

Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook

BSA Age Restriction of Tool Use

Eagle Scout Letter of Recommendation

Eagle Scout Rank Application

Eagle Scout in front of flag

Our Expectations Of An Eagle Scout

A major part of your Eagle effort is for you to develop into a Leader. Between the ranks of Star and Life, your scouting expectations should change. Below the rank of Star, it is our desire that each Scout learns to be part of a team and demonstrate the essential skills that will help them throughout their Scouting career and beyond. But as a Scout approaches Life, and certainly Eagle, the goal is for the Scout to move from passive participation and instructor to becoming an active leader.

An Eagle Scout is not a passive participant, but rather a willing participant looking for opportunities to instruct and help others. An Eagle Scout is an active leader. An Eagle Scout sees what needs to be done and gets involved. An Eagle Scout works with younger Scouts to help them grow. An Eagle Scout no longer expects their parents to contact the leaders in the troop. An Eagle Scout is responsible.

Being an Eagle Scout is more than just 21 merit badges and an Eagle project. An Eagle Scout is a leader, a self-starter, and someone others go to for help. It is a lifelong achievement that makes a person stand out from the rest. The rank of Eagle is special.

Take charge. Be a leader and become a Troop 220 Eagle Scout.