Adult Troop Leaders

Troop leadership is divided into two main parts; Committee and Program. Assistant Scoutmasters can hold positions within the committee, even though they are not on the committee.

Download the current Troop Organizational Chart

Chartered Organization

  • Chartered Organization: Lee's Summit Christian Church
  • Minister at LSCC: Matthew Silvers
  • Chartered Organization Representative (COR): John Dobbins

Scouting Program

  • Scoutmaster: Mike Pfaff
  • Assistant Scoutmasters
    • Mike Lynch
    • Gary Jones
    • Charles Smith
    • JJ Harrison
  • Unit STEM Coordinator: Currently Open

    Troop Committee

    • Committee Chair: Nia Miller
    • Treasurer: Jennifer Swilly
    • Secretary: Danise Dobbins
    • Fundraising Chair: Maria Ryan
    • Equipment Coordinator: Josh Swilly
    • Life to Eagle Coordinator: Jim DeLong
    • High Adventure Coordinator: Currently Open
    • Training Chair: Mike Lynch
    • Webmaster: Amy Driver

    Chaplain & Religious Emblem Coordinators

    • Matthew Silvers, Minister at LSCC
    • Religious Emblem Coordinator: Danise Dobbins