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Knotmaster Program

The Knotmasters program helps you learn the knots you need for advancement and keeps your skills sharp. Every Scout and Adult will enjoy participating. Here’s how its works.

There are four skill levels in the program. Each level is represented by a different color rope. Everyone starts out with a purple rope. Each color change represents an increase in skill and knowledge. Skill levels are achieved one meeting or activity at a time. As Scouts and Scouters learn, they will in turn teach each other.

Lost rope may be replaced for $1.00 each.

Color and Skill Level

There are five skill levels in the program. Each level is represented by a different color rope. The following knots are the ones required to earn the rope. You can test to advance ropes with someone of that rope or higher (i.e. - to test for blue, you can speak to a blue, red, or black rope holder).

Purple Rope (Previously known as the Pink Rope)

Knots required:

  • Lark's Head

White Rope

Knots required:

  • Square knot
  • Half Hitch
  • Two Half Hitches
  • Taut-line Hitch
  • Clove Hitch
  • Timber Hitch
  • Bowline

Blue Rope (Knotmaster Level)

Knots required:

  •  Sheet Bend
  • Sheep Shank
  •  Mooring Hitch
  •  One Handed Bowline
  •  Alpine Butterfly

Lashings required:

  • Square
  • Diagonal
  • Sheer

Red Rope (Advanced Knotmaster Level)

Can teach all previous knots plus:

  • End or back Splice
  • Eye Splice
  • Short Splice
  • plus any additional knots

Black Rope (Knot Ninja)

Knots required:

  • Overhand Knot
  • Loop Knot
  • Figure Eight
  • Surgeons Knot
  • Pipe Hitch
  • Clinch Knot
  • Bowline On A Bight
  • Prusik Knot
  • Fishermans Knot
  • Blood Knot
  • Cats Paw
  • French Bowline
  • Monk’s Knot
  • Packers Knot
  • Constrictor
  • Monkey’s Fist
  • Figure Eight Retrace
  • Stevedore’s Knot

Lashings required:

  • Tripod Lashing

Splices required:

  • Long Splice
  • Then after completing the above list, you take a test on your ability to teach.
    With at least 1 other Black Rope observing you complete this step, and via the EDGE method, you must instruct a scout or scouter (with rope in their hand, and rope in yours) that does not have the white rope (no rope, or currently at pink) the following:
    • All 7 White level knots
    • Any additional 3 of your choice from the required list
    • 1 lashing of your choice
    • 1 splice of your choice

The participant does not need to remember how to tie the knots taught to them, but simply be able to complete them through your instructions.

 Animated Knots Website 

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