Welcome to 220

Whether you just crossed over from Cub Scouts or are transferring into Troop 220, we're glad you're here. 

First Year Scouts

Our First Year Scout program is for Scouts that just crossed over from the Webelos program or any new Scout currently in the fifth grade. These Scouts are kept together for the first year to get familiar with the Troop and begin to learn their Scouts skills.

Other Scouts Joining 220

If you are new to Scouting or transferring in from another Troop, and are not in the fifth grade, you will be placed in a Patrol of your age group. 


All new Scouts are typically invested in the troop during the month that they join. During your investiture, you will receive your Troop 220 neckerchief, slide, and troop patch.

Scouts serving in color guard

Troop Meetings

Troop 220 meets every Monday at Lee's Summit Christian Church (unless otherwise notified) at 7:30pm. Troop meetings typically are done between 8:30 and 9:00pm. The Troop does not cancel scouting events based on school closings, or school/church events.

Our cancellation policy is that all scheduled Troop meetings or activities will be held as scheduled unless you receive an email from the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair by 3PM the day of a meeting, cancelling that night's meeting or activity.

If there is inclement weather, please check your email for the status of all Troop meetings and activities. If you are not on the mailing list, you can request to join it using this email distribution sign-up form. You MUST be a current member of Troop 220, or an approved troop friend, to gain access to the communications group. Alumni may stay in after they are no longer part of the troop should they wish to stay up-to-date on current events


There are two classes of Scout uniforms. Class A is the dress uniform with a tucked-in, button-up shirt with all appropriate patches attached and matching belt, pants, and socks. Uniforms can be purchased at the Scout store in Kansas City (on Holmes Avenue, just off 435). Class B uniforms is comprised of a Scout t-shirt, belt, pants, and socks. Appropriate footwear should always be worn to Scouting events. No open-toed shoes or flip-flops are ever allowed for safety reasons.

If you have questions on the appropriate placement of Scout patches, please visit this helpful BSA uniform page.

We occasionally have gently used uniforms that have been donated back to the troop. Please check with the Scoutmaster for availability.


Every Scout MUST have a Scout Handbook. Their name should be clearly marked on the outside edge of the book pages. All Advancement are physically signed in the handbook and are digitally recorded in ScoutBook. As this is the only book you will need for all ranks in the Troop, a book cover is recommended for your entire time in Scouting. Every advancement requirement is resourced in this handbook. Scouts should bring their Scout Handbook to every meeting and campout. Handbooks and covers can be purchased at the Scout store in Kansas City (on Wornall Avenue).

Camping and Equipment

Troop 220 plans and camps one weekend every month all year round. The Troop has a large supply of equipment we use on our campouts and other outings. We provide: tents, ground cloths (tarps), cooking equipment, water coolers, propane lanterns, tables, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, first aid supplies and shelters. We do not provide tents or tarps for Adults. Troop 220 has a policy about chairs: Only Adults and Eagle Scouts can use lawn chairs (with backs) on campouts. Other scouts can use tripod type camp chairs. All Scouts are responsible to “be prepared” for these outings. Appropriate clothing and gear are to be planned for and brought to each campout. A list is available in the Scouts Handbook and on our Troop website. Specifics for every campout are linked to the Troop 220 Calendar on the Troop Website. Scouts (and parents planning to attend) must signup and pay for these outings in advance, so we can plan and provide the appropriate gear and food. Signups are typically done in-person at our Monday meetings.

How do I join Troop 220

We encourage you to visit a Monday night meeting and check out our Troop. If you are interested in joining after visiting the Troop, you will be given an application at the meeting.

Who do I contact with questions about Troop 220

Our committee chair, Nia Miller.

What is the Troop’s Attendance Policy?

Troop 220 requires that Scouts demonstrate “current involvement” in Troop 220 functions, defined as attendance/participation in the majority of EACH of the following areas: Troop Campouts, Troop Meetings, and Courts of Honor.

What if I can’t make it to a meeting or event?

If a Scout is attending another Scouts BSA function at the same time that will prohibit meeting the attendance requirements, please contact the Scoutmaster.

If you are signed up for a campout and cannot attend, you are required to notify the Scoutmaster no later than Wednesday prior to the campout. Otherwise, you are responsible to pay for your portion of the Patrol food and any campout costs that have already been incurred. For cancellations related to summer camp, please see the camping page.

Do I have to attend an Eagle Court of Honor?

An Eagle Court of Honor is a time we celebrate the accomplishments of our Scouts who have reached Scouting's highest rank of Eagle. This is a very important day to these Scouts and all Scouts are required to attend. It takes a Troop to raise an Eagle and everyone in the troop should feel proud of the accomplishment.

What is the required Scout Uniform?

All Scouts are expected to wear their full Class “A” dress uniform to Troop Meetings on the first and third Monday of the month. We also travel to all campouts in our Class A uniforms. Scouts change into Class B uniforms upon arrival.

What are the typical costs associates with being a Scout?

Annual Troop and recharter fees are due in October for the following year. If you join mid-year, your dues are pro-rated based on the number of months remaining in the year. A one-time application fee of $25 is due for each Scout with their first application and goes directly to BSA. However, if you miss recharter deadlines and your membership lapses, a new application and fee are required by BSA Scouts. 

Campout fees vary based on activity and are posted at sign-up. Troop 220 pays for the campground fees, but additional activity fees may apply. In addition, a Grubby is chosen from each Patrol and is responsible for purchasing the food for the campout. The total amount spent on the food is divided evenly amongst the Patrol members that are signed up to attend the campout. Grubby fees are taken from your Scout account to reimburse the Grubby.

In order to assist with the cost of Scouting, our Troop holds several fundraisers throughout the years. Please see our fundraising page for more information on how you can reduce the cost of the Scouting program.

All Troop fees are paid to our Troop Treasurer. You may pay using cash, check, or Venmo. You may also pay by credit/debit card, but an additional transaction fee will apply. Late fees may be assessed based on the event and payment deadline.

In order to assist you with budgeting, please see our Typical Year In Scouting Cost page.