What Is A Camp ALIC?

ALIC is an acronym for Adult Leader in Charge. Troop 220 is always looking for volunteers for the ALIC position for our monthly camping trips. This helps spread the load amongst the adults. However, you will not be in this alone. You will have other adults that are attending the campout who will be there to assist you. Additionally, you may choose to serve as ALIC along with another adult.

If you have volunteered to be an ALIC for an upcoming campout, we thank you for your support. This page will give you all the important details you will need to know for a successful campout. Your leadership is important to the smooth operation of a campout for the Scouts and Adult Scouters.

What is An ALIC's role?

Your role primarily provides the logistics coordination and information for the campout to the Troop. The SPL and Scoutmaster or his designee usually will be in charge of the Camping Program.

Adult leader in charge on campout

What Do I Need To Do As ALIC?

    Depending on the type of campout, an ALIC's responsibilities generally include the following:

    • Secure the location
    • Serve as the communicator to the Troop with all the campout details
    • Track Signups
    • Plan the adult meals 
    • Coordinate Transportation

    Download detailed printable ALIC instructions.

    Securing the Location

    Reserve the Troop selected location.

    This may include obtaining the following information:

    • Campout contact name
    • Costs
    • Set up information
    • Check-in and check-out procedures
    • Waivers or paperwork
    • Restrictions for participation
    • Possible equipment needed
    • Dress restrictions
    • Facilities available to the Troop
    • Any associated activity information


    In order to effectively communicate you will need to attend the following meetings:

    • Committee meetings (2 months prior to campout)
    • PLC meeting (2 months prior to campout)
    • Monday Troop meetings (all 3 weeks prior to campout)

    In order to plan a successful campout, you will need to participate in the committee meetings for the 2 months prior to the campout. This will allow you the opportunity to provide status updates to the committee.

    Attend the PLC meeting the 2 months prior to the campout to provide information and updates. PLC will discuss, ask questions, and assign a Program Patrol for a presentation to the Troop.

    Attend Monday Troop meetings all 3 weeks prior to the date, present and provide to the troop; campout information, dates, departure and return times, cost, waivers to be signed, equipment or dress needs and any other information along with updates. 

    Provide one Scout sign-up sheet including specifics to the trip, and one Adult sign-up sheet which includes cell number, number of vehicle seat belts (including the driver) for Transportation, and Youth Protection Status. 

    Occasionally, some long-distance or special activity campouts will have an early Friday departure group to set up camp for the troop, with the remainder of the troop departing Friday evening. In this case, you will need two sets of sign-up sheets with the different departure dates listed at the top. 

    • Collect signup sheets after each meeting to determine the attendance number to finalize with venues
    • Coordinate transportation
    • Plan menus
    • Provide a copy of the signup sheet to the Scoutmaster
    • Collect any activity money due
    • Deposit money with the Treasurer and obtain a troop check(s) for camping and/or activity

    All Scouts and Adults attending campouts must be registered with the Troop. You should check the sign-up list against a list of adults registered and their Youth Protection Status. This can be obtained from the Committee Chair.

    Logistics Planning


    You are responsible for the meals for the adults, SPL and ASPL. You may plan the menu, purchase food and cook meals, or you may ask for assistance from “grubbys” to be in charge of any or all of this. Food costs generally should be communicated to the adults a few days prior to the campout and money collected from adults prior to departure. 

    Occasionally meals for all of the scouts are cooked by the adults and would be your responsibility to coordinate this menu, food preparation, cost, and collect money due. You will be notified if this would be an additional responsibility for the campout.


    You will need to speak with other adult leaders to determine who will pull the troop trailer to and from the campout. Campouts requiring additional equipment such as bicycles, sleds, pioneering poles, etc., will require additional trailers or trucks to be secured.

    Verify the number of vehicle seats available is sufficient for attendees traveling to and returning from the campout.

    If your campout has an early and late departure time, you will be required to coordinate the seat belts and equipment for both groups.

    Prior to departure:

    • Verify that the Scoutmaster has health forms for each attendee 
    • Provide trip information to each driver
    • Provide driving directions and/or map to each driver
    • Notify drivers of any planned stops.
    • Provide cell numbers of all drivers to all drivers

    Travel Guidelines for Drivers

    While the group does not need to follow a strict caravan line, all vehicles should:

    • Be fueled prior to departure.
    • Travel with lights on for safety and identification in a group.
    • Try to stay in view of other vehicles for safety.
    • Communicate emergency stops, detours, or vehicle problems.
    • Not make unplanned stops for food or gas (all attendees should eat prior to departure).
    • When one vehicle stops, all vehicles should stop for safety, or to assist.
    • Stay with the group and remain in front of the designated last vehicle.

    Travel Order

    • The ALIC should lead the group
    • Troop trailer and any other trailers should be directly behind the ALIC
    • The remaining adult vehicles should follow the trailers
    • Generally, a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster or designated driver will be assigned as the last vehicle.
    • Everyone returns to the church TOGETHER on the designated return day

    What if an adult cannot arrive or depart with the group at the designated time?

    It is important that our group arrives and departs together for safety and insurance reasons. If an adult driver cannot arrive or depart with the group, this must be communicated, coordinated, and approved 24 hours prior to departure to the Scoutmaster and ALIC. It's important that we have enough seatbelts for Scout transportation.

    Is there a limit to how much I can spend on Adult meals

    Adult meals should be reasonable and cost-effective.

    Who should I contact if I have questions about being an ALIC?

    Questions should be communicated at the Committee meeting in order to allow the Committee to assist.

    Who should I contact if I am interested in being an ALIC?

    Contact the Committee Chair.

    What should I do if I signed up to be an ALIC and I can no longer fulfill the responsibilities?

    If you cannot complete your duties as the ALIC, you must find an ALIC approved by the Committee Chair to replace you as quickly as possible.